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No matter the size of your gym, anyone can be intimidated by the equipment and weights lying around, never mind that someone may be lifting more than you weigh. At Funds Size Fitness, we will help you reach your goal while transforming the gym from a place of intimidation to a place of accomplishment. If you live in …

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Our trainers are committed to helping you accomplish your fitness goal, wherever you are. This is the beauty of our online personal trainer programme; get the best advice anywhere, anytime.We also offer private one on one, and group sessions. join us for a great fun experience while reaching your goals!


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Waist trainee

Waist trainer

Double strap waist trainer. full coverage!!!! Size m,l,xl,xxl

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Work out enhancemen, fat burner!!

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free waist trainer!!!1 on 1 training 3 days a week. I will come to you! one day group zoom

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